Most people on earth want a nice life with a good job, a spacy house. and a beautiful car. Many wish fame too, power and obviously a lot of money. Some lucky ones find success. Then some a little. And all are trying to find happiness.
Or a kind of happiness.

It is true and we know that.

This said, human beings still miss the deepest and brightest thing which makes life so great. This thing makes your heart beat, your face smile and keep your mind forever young. They look for the biggest of miracles, this amazing and sweet feelings called love of course.

"Love for Life" is a marriage agency based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
We are here to listen to you, to hear about your hopes, your habits,
and any details which make you uniquely different.
We are here to connect you with wonderful ladies, to set up meetings,
datings with nice surprises and various options.
We are here to help you to find your wife for the rest of your life.

Whatever your past is, and wherever you are now,
everything is always possible as long as you believe in yourself.
Some dream their life away.
Live your dreams. Trust your destiny.
Please. You are worth it.

So gentlemen, welcome to "Love for Life" agency.


During my stay in Chiang Mai, I had the luck to meet Flo who then introduced me to Nann, and I can say they are both amazing people who helped me a lot. We became friends immediately and even though we are far now we still keep in touch and planning to meet again. They are lovely, honest and reliable and they really want to help people achieve happiness. Also, the city they chose as a base, Chiang Mai, is perfect for couple to get acquainted and start meeting, there are plenty of romantic places, restaurants, parks, and so on and the people are so nice and friendly.... after i heard about their project I immediately offered my help and now I started translating their website in Italian because I think a lot of people there can benefit from this. 🙂